**These terms and conditions govern every aspect of the relationship between you and Housetrusted (referred to herein as "the Company", "we" or "us"). As used herein, the terms "you," "your" and "yourself" shall mean collectively you, your company and any of your company's affiliates, successors and assigns, agents, employees, representatives, subcontractors and any individuals performing work on your behalf. References to the Company's Website include any and all websites owned, operated or maintained by us now or in the future. . Subscription 1.1. By enrolling in the Company's program described herein, establishing an account with us ("Enrollment"), and using our lead referral service ("our Service"), you agree to these Terms and Conditions, forming a legally binding contract with us which controls your use of our Service and the Website 1.2. We developed and maintain this Website and other websites to obtain requests ("Leads") from individuals or entities ("Consumers") that request construction, home and building repair work or services ("Construction Services"), which Leads we sell to a network of qualified contractors who subscribe to our service. We may also obtain Leads from our affiliates or third parties, and provide your contact information, as shown in your Profile, to a Consumer. 2.1 Pricing, Payment and Refund Terms 2.2 The purchase price of each Lead is based upon the type of Construction Services requested by a Consumer, as set forth in the pricing schedule on the Website. You will be notified of any changes to the pricing schedule not less than seven (7) days prior to the effective date of any such change. Upon Enrollment, you will select the maximum dollar value of Leads that you agree to purchase each month ("Monthly Lead Budget"). You may change your Monthly Lead Budget by modifying your Account. We will automatically provide you with Leads up to the dollar value established by you from time to time. To ensure that all funds in your account are used to purchase leads, you agree and authorize us, in our sole discretion, to provide leads for you with a value up to twenty dollars ($20) in excess of your Monthly Lead Budget. We may periodically provide discounts and incentive programs to you, the terms of which shall be limited to that particular discount or incentive program which shall not otherwise modify the terms of these Terms and Conditions. 2.3 We have no obligation to provide you with a refund or credit for any Leads, whether or not a Consumer elects to use your Construction Services. In our sole discretion, we may issue a credit to your Account, if: 2.4.1. You receive one or more Leads in the wrong Construction Service category, provided, however, we may adjust the purchase price in lieu of providing a credit; 2.4.2. You receive a Lead with a non-working or incorrect phone number or incorrect email address or where the Consumer provided a false name; provided, however, we will not provide a credit if the Lead does not have the correct address but all other information is correct; 2.4.3. We determine that the Consumer never requested to be placed in contact with a contractor or sought information through us pertaining to Construction Services; and 2.4.4. Our system provided a Lead in error. 2.5. All credits to your account shall be issued at the Company's discretion, and only if requested within seventy-two (72) hours after delivery of notification of the Lead to you. Any credit for a Lead shall be deducted from your unpaid invoice in an amount equal to the purchase price of the Lead for which the credit was requested. If the invoice for the lead for which you are requesting credit was already paid, then the credit shall be applied to the current open invoice. No credits will be issued as refunds for leads in which the invoice has already been paid. Notwithstanding any credits to your Account, you acknowledge and agree that you are obligated to pay for all Leads provided by us and credits can only be applied to the future purchase of Leads. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge and agree that you understand our refund and credit policy. Any and all fees paid by you to us constitute an advertising fee and shall not be construed to be a referral commission dependent on your successful completion of Construction Services requested by a Consumer. In the event a fee or payment is prohibited by law or violates any applicable law, it shall not be due or payable. 3. Leads 3.1. We have developed, own and maintain confidential, proprietary technology and software that determines the distribution of Leads to contractors in our network. 3.2. YOU EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING LIMITATIONS: 3.2.1. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A PARTICULAR NUMBER OF LEADS; 3.2.2. WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES AS TO A CONSUMER'S INTEREST, NEED OR DESIRE TO HIRE A CONTRACTOR OR TO HAVE ANY CONSTRUCTION SERVICES PERFORMED; .2.3. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OF A CONSUMER'S CONTACT INFORMATION OR THAT YOU WILL SUCCESSFULLY CONTACT THE CONSUMER. 3.2.4. THE COMPANY IS NOT A PARTY TO ANY AGREEMENT THAT MIGHT BE REACHED BETWEEN YOU AND ANY CONSUMER, AND YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING WHETHER TO WORK FOR, OR TO PROVIDE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES FOR, ANY CONSUMER. 3.3. Upon Enrollment, you select the method(s) by which we deliver notification to you of Leads. You acknowledge that some delivery methods depend upon third party technology and agree that we not responsible for the interruption of such technology, or for the results therefrom, including failure to deliver notification of a Lead to you. You understand that you can check for notification of, and information about, a Lead by logging into your Account. Under no circumstances shall we be responsible for lost data relating to any Leads. 3.4. You will only be provided with Lead for a Consumers who reside in your Service Area, and you acknowledge that we may sell each Lead with respect to a single Consumer simultaneously to up to three contractors that provide Construction Services in that Consumer's Service Area.

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